Let’s Build a Fucking Empire!!!

Anyone Can Make Good Money from Traditional Methods And Education, but Few Get to The Point in Life of Making Crazy Money. Teddy Miller and His Team are Here to Change That, and Finally Give You a Chance to Change Your Life With Bear Academy!

We Teach You How To Be Successful and Stay Successful

No Matter What Your Current Position 

We Will Take You To The Next Level

Making Your Dreams Become Reality

Learn How to Build Your Empire

Success Isn’t Given It’s Earned!

In Bear Academy Teddy Miller is Going to Teach YOU Everything

YOU Need to Know on How to Build an Empire and Become

Financially Free for Yourself and Your Family!

Side Hustles

Residential Rental Property

Commercial Rental Property


Small business

Empire Building

Expanding Your Empire

Once You Have Successfully Transformed Your Business or Rental Property From a Hands-On Business to Autopilot. It is Time To Expand Your Empire and Make Crazy Money!

Maintaining your Success

On Your Path to Greatness, You Will Have Many Potential Roadblocks and it is Very Important That You Not Lose Focus on THE BIG PICTURE! 

At Bear Academy We Will Teach You How To Maintain You Success With The Following

Money Mindset

Problem Solving

Will I Really Make Crazy Money by Joining Bear Academy?

In Short if YOU Take the Classes, Network with Others in Bear Academy, Apply What You’ve Learned, And NOT BE A PUSSY..

Yes, You Will Make Crazy Money!

This is Not Some Get Rich Quick System! It Will Take Work, Dedication, and Confidence in Order to Succeed, But That’s Ok We are Here To Help You With All of That!

Every Member Will Receive Proprietary Training, Mentoring, and Resources Directly From Teddy Miller, His Network, and His Team.

Remember You Found This Class Because Teddy Miller Got Your Attention One Way or Another, and You Were Ready to Take Things To The Next Level, so Who Better To Teach You Than The Man Himself!  

Your Personal Online Portal

Online Courses

Unlike Our Competitors in This Field Offering Hour Long Clips That Will Put You to Sleep.

At Bear Academy We Feature Shorter Interactive Material to Keep You Engaged and Ensure You Understand What Is Being Taught, So You Can Use It to Actually Make Money!

Like Teddy Miller Commonly Says “If You Listen, But Don’t Understand What I Said…Than What The Hell Was The Point?”

Mentorship From a Self-Made Multimillionaire Himself Teddy Miller!

At Bear Academy Teddy Miller Believes It’s Not Enough for Him to Just Produce Online Courses for You to Take, But He and His Team are Going to Join You on Your Path To Success!

By Joining Bear Academy, You Will Have Opportunities to Ask the Man Himself Questions on Open Discussion Boards With Other Members as He Helps You Navigate Building Your Empire!

Networking Worth More Than Gold!

Have You Ever Hear The Phrase It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know? 

Well In Some Instances This is 100% True, Especially When It Comes To Growing Your Business! With Our Online Chat Forums Categorized for Different Areas Of Discussion. You Can Interact with Like Minded Individuals That Are Working on Growth in The Same Area as Yourself. 

You Can Discuss Wins, Losses, and Solutions That Have Worked for You. Hell, You May Even Find Someone Who Needs Your Business to Complete Their Current Project!

Meet Your Professor

Teddy Miller

Teddy Miller Is Not Just an Expert in One Specific Business, But an Expert in Business Itself.

For Years He Has Been Buying, Selling, and Even Starting His Own Businesses to Make Crazy Money, But It Doesn’t End There!

In Addition to Running His Own Businesses, A Few Years Ago He Opened a Consulting Firm to Teach Business Owners How To Turn Their Current Business Into Passive Income, which Led To Him Partnering With Several Owners And Growing His Empire Even Bigger.

With All This Success, He Recently Decided to Create Bear Academy!

Teddy Miller Only Teaches Programs In Bear Academy That He Has A Proven Track Record of Success With and is Commonly Referred To As An Expert.

His Plan For Bear Academy “To Put it Very Bluntly” Is To Teach As Many People As He Can How To Successfully Build An Empire, With Hopes That He Will Build A Stronger Network of Like Minded Individuals And Everyone Can Make More Money Together!

By Joining Bear Academy Teddy Miller and His Team Will Be Your Professors, Mentors, And Friends

Are You Ready To Stop Being a Pussy?

We Build Empires

Teddy Miller’s Program Bear Academy is Designed to Help You Build an Empire and a Legacy! If You’re Not Successful, That Means He Isn’t Successful and Failure Simply Isn’t and Option in His World. 

Because Bear Academy is, so Much More Than Just an Online Course and is a Community. Teddy Miller and His Team Will Be Constantly Expanding on Worksheets, Downloadable Forms, New Courses, and New Ways to Make Money!

As a Self-Made Millionaire That Commonly Says He is Addicted to Making Money. He Isn’t Going Anywhere and is Always Finding New Innovative Businesses to Produce Crazy Money In Every Area and Economic Situation. With Bear Academy He Plans to Share This Knowledge With You Along The Way!

We Have Made An Amazing Portal That Will Allow You To Take Lessons Anywhere You Are Simply With a Few Clicks. All You Need Is A Smart Phone, Tablet, or A Computer….If You Don’t Have One….Borrow One, Make Money, Then Get Your Own!

With Bear Academy You Will Have a New Group of Friends Who are Focused on Growth, Success, and Making Money! You Will Want to Eat, Sleep, and Drink This Program Until You Blink, and Your Entire World is Better!

Bear Academy Will Teach You Not Only How to Reach Financial Freedom, But To Do The Hardest Part and Maintain it By Not Being a Pussy!

Bear Academy

Are You Ready to Stop Being a Pussy and Make Some Money??

Get Full Access

Listen The Sales Pitch Is Over… Are You Ready To Keep Doing The Same Shit And Never Getting Ahead or Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Life And Make Some Fucking Money?

Once You Figure Out the Secret to Making Money It Becomes Easier, and Your Dreams Start to Become Reality! It’s Not As Hard As You Think and Really Comes Down To Having A Winning Mindset and Taking Calculated Risks. 

With Bear Academy We are Here To Teach You How To Calculate These Risks and Help You Navigate Through The Storm When it Comes So That You Not Only Make Crazy Money, But You Keep Your Crazy Money!

If Your Ready To Get Out of The Daily Routine and Start Building Your Empire Join Today!

It’s only $50…You Spent More Than That on a Bad Date, or ON The Meal You Thought Was Going To Be Awesome But Ended Up Being Shit You Had Last Week. If Your Scared of Taking a Chance With $50…This Course Isn’t For You!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Quickly Will I See a Return on My Investment

This depends on you and what your individual goals are. If you are looking to buy your first rental for example it is going to take considerably more time to see results than if you do a course on Side Hustles and apply them the same week.

I Already Have a Business is Bear Academy For Me?

Absolutely! These Courses were actually originally designed for individuals already in business wanting to expand, but not knowing how.

I Live Outside of The United States Will This Work For Me?

Absolutely! Teddy Miller uses the skills he is teaching you in Bear Academy to Mentor individuals around the world as well as perform business himself!

I am Already Successful Should I Join Bear Academy?

Define Successful? If you are reading these chances are, you are doing pretty good but are looking to grow. If this is the case than, Absofuckinglutely.

What Age Does Bear Academy Mostly Work For?

Although Bear Academy is focused on People who are currently already established and wanting to reach the next level of making money. Bear Academy has courses designed for everyone no matter what your current financial status is.

Do I Need a Minimum Amount of Money To Apply Skills From Bear Academy?

No, Bear Academy is designed to help you acquire funds in addition to making crazy money

I’m A Pussy and Am Scared of Losing Any Money or Taking Risk

Join Bear Academy Network with others, Stop Being a Pussy, Apply the Skills You’ve learned, Make Money. In that order