Achieving financial freedom can be broken down into three key steps:

Make Money

You will never reach financial freedom or the goals you wish to achieve by working for someone else. At some point you will need to take the leap and open your own business where you can train others to make money for you. Which is exactly what we help you do in all of our business Programs.

Business programs


No matter how big your current business is or how much you are making in your current position in someone else’s business. You can only produce so much income directly under your watch and for this you will need to EXPAND. Which we dive into with our higher-level business Programs and Real Estate Programs.  

Business Programs

Real Estate Programs


Hands down the best way to dramatically increase the amount of money you can produce is by using your money to make others work for you by investing. Which we make easier by offering for you to invest with Teddy Miller’s development company directly, and the more money he makes, the more money you make. 


Top Reviews

Adam Smith

“I signed up for Teddy Miller’s Bear Academy after finding myself listening to Teddy Miller more and more on social media, hearing his stories, and realizing that maybe it really was possible to get to the next level in life. I’m so glad I did! Even though I currently am a business owner. He taught me a lot on how to scale my business, and honestly, I wish he had these course up 5 years ago! I would be so much further ahead!"

Billy Akers

“I signed up for the Real Estate Course, and to be honest I was shocked about how much information there was and how easy simply Teddy Broke Everything Down. After working on this course for several hours. I can already tell I am going to be more prepared to purchase my first rental"!

James Smith

"I bought the business course because I’ve been thinking about opening my own business for years, but always find a Damn reason not to. I can definitely say that after going through a lot of the courses and quizzes I am ready to start my own business and will definitely stay a member of the community where Teddy Miller himself actually gets on and answers questions!"